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Freestyle自由式, Swimming游泳

Freestyle Breathing with Michael Phelps菲爾普斯自由式呼吸

菲爾普斯教練Bob Bowman指示重點:

  • 轉頭吸氣時,頭與脊柱成一直線,泳鏡一半出水面,一半在水裡,在頭部前面弓形波(bow wave)的波谷中吸氣,比較影片 01:15 與 01:25.
  • 雙邊換氣:年幼選手學習雙邊換氣,年長一點時,需要多吸氣,可採單邊換氣,換氣時,也比較會轉動身體(body roll/rotation)。

★ 應練習雙邊都能換氣,泳姿較對稱,使用肌肉較均勻,比賽時,可用最習慣的方式換氣。我自己覺得不管換不換氣,兩側都需要body roll,才能利用到肩背的大肌肉,我們凡人游泳通常換氣邊手會划的較長,不換氣邊草草了事唬弄過去,長久可能一側肌肉使用較多,可以的話還是練雙邊較好。

弓形波(bow wave): 物體水中移動在水面形成的波

bow wave image

Look at the shape of the bow wave. Don't lift your head and try and breathe on the peak of it.

When you move through water you create a ‘bow wave’ with your head and body.

USA Swimming’s Biomechanics Coordinator Russell Mark. Mark offers some advice on good breathing technique for freestyle.

Good breathing technique and timing is so important to an efficient freestyle. Breathing “late” typically means your breathing interferes with the rhythm of your arm strokes. Late breathing can also affect how your arm pulls underwater. If you start pulling water while your head is still turned for a breath, it will likely lead to a poor catch, and then that arm may eventually cross underneath the body at the finish. Here are some things to think about:

1. Start turning your head to breathe BEFORE the recovering arm (on the non-breathing side) hits the water. Most people wait for that arm to enter and extend before turning to breathe.
2. Take a quick breath with your head low, trying to keep one goggle in the water. Don’t lift your head to breathe.
3. Begin turning your head back into the water while the arm in the water (on the non-breathing side) is starting the catch.


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