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Freestyle自由式, Swimming游泳

USA Swimming:Freestyle_Shark Fin Drill自由泳_鯊魚鰭(提肘平衡)練習


在任何時間,身體都需保持流線形體位。手臂回復往前入水時,身體穩定,高肘回復有位能幫助,入水角度較佳,也較容易施力&身體轉動(body roll)。

Shark Fin Drill 有些不同變化,依手臂提起位置和身體可施力部位不同,可練習到如何應付不同重心以保持身體穩定平衡,不過怎麼變化踢腿都非常重要。

前手儘可能不要撥水,儘量練習靠身體及踢腿來穩定平衡。 最好先把側身踢腿平衡做熟練不費力,再練鯊魚鰭較有效。

TI – Shark Fin Drill (較容易些)

USA Swimming – Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics: Shark Fin Drill 前手撥水(Scull)

20120119 Shark Fin Drill 前手不撥水(Scull),只保持平衡

This is similar to the Finger Tip Drill, but with this drill, there is a significant amount of effort made to swim on your side while your arm is in a holding pattern.

Kick on your side while recovering the elbow up high and in front of the hand. Your wrist should be relaxed and your palm facing slightly toward your body. Pause when your elbow reaches its maximum height (your recovery arm will resemble a shark fin sticking out of the water). Your other arm should still be extended in front of you in a streamline position.
Take 3 kicks before continuing to recover the upper arm to the extended position in front.
Take one “catch-up” stroke to the other side and repeat the process.


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