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Basic Drills to Enhance Your Balance 加強平衡的基本練習

Swimming Technique: Basic drills to enhance your balance in the water

From: Terry Laughlin [Total Immersion], Fitness Swimmer, 1 November 2000
Chinese Translation by Rebecca

Buoyancy and balance are two of the key elements for efficient, fast, and elegant swimming. Most swimming champions have learnt to exploit these key elements, either by help of their coach or by “trial and error” [more about the physical background of proper balance]. 浮力和平衡是游泳有效率,快捷,優雅的兩個關鍵要素 。多數游泳冠軍或者經由教練的幫助,或經嘗試錯誤來學會利用這些關鍵要素。

1. Basic Drilll

Kick easily on your left side with both arms hugging your sides. If your kick is not efficient you may try fins or zoomers.

Start with looking down (nose down) looking at the bottom of the pool. Do not lift your head to see at the end of the pool. Lean on your left shoulder until you feel supported by the water. Try to keep your right hip and arm clear of the water. You will probably find this is not as easy as it looks. Exercise as long as you feel comfortable.

Stand up to breathe. Actually it is wise to start in the baby pool. Once you feel balanced while looking down turn your head to breathe. Roll more toward your back if you feel uncomfortable on your side or if you cannot turn your head far enough for comfortable breathing. Hide your head, nose up (chin and forehead at the waterline) but in line with your spine. Exercise on both sides.

1. 基本練習-雙手在兩側側身踢腿


開始時面向下看池底,不要抬起頭。往你的左肩傾斜,直到你感到水的支撐。盡量保持你的右髖關節和手臂在水面。 你可能會發現,這沒看起來那麼容易,只要你覺得舒服就持續練習。

在學會轉頭呼吸之前,可以站起來呼吸。一旦你面向下看池底也能感覺平衡,就可試著轉頭呼吸。 如果你覺得側身不舒服或轉頭不足以舒適的呼吸,向背後多轉一點。頭藏在水裡,鼻子在上(下巴和額頭在水線),使頭與脊椎成一直線(動作如上圖)。練習左右兩側。


2. Basic Drilll

Once you feel completely balanced and relaxed with trailing arms extend your left arm out in front without changing your body position. Your arm should go straight in front (your hand should not come close to the surface), ideally there is almost no or no gap between the back of your head and your lower shoulder/arm.

Keep leaning on your lower shoulder so your right hip and arm stay clear of the water. Practise on both sides. Ask someone to give you feedback from the deck and underwater.

2. 基本練習-一手在前側身踢腿

一旦你對上個基本練習(雙手在兩側)感覺完全平衡且放鬆, 就可以將你的左臂前伸,但不要改變直線體位,手臂伸直(手不應該太接近水面),理想上,你的後腦勺和你的肩膀/手臂之間貼緊沒有空隙。


When you need to breathe just swivel your head to the air (nose up). Hide your head and only expose your face. Rest s. basic drill 1.If you feel comfortable with these basic drills, try backstroke or freestyle

Believe it or not, the best swimmers use this freestyle swimming technique: [Analysis of Grant Hackett’s and Ian Thorpe’s Swimming Technique]

If you want to swim really fast, stop thrashing about, relax and feel the water. Olympic coach Gennadi Touretski tells us: [Efficient Freestyle Swimming Like Popov and Klim]






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  1. 雖然只是轉個頭換氣,但就是不持久..身体不易平衡..所以我應該可以試試看背往後再轉一些…


    Posted by coco | February 19, 2012, 9:31 pm

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