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Freestyle自由式, Swimming游泳

Freestyle_The Swim Arm Cycle自由式手部動作分解

Freestyle Arm Cycle in 5 phases自由式手部動作分解-五階段

  1. Entry
  2. Elbow Flexion ( not powerful movement, prepare for the more powerful phase “adduction/Pull” )
  3. Adduction/Pull ( powerful phase )
  4. Release/ Round-off ( exit pinkie first )
  5. Recovery (Relax the hand, Lead with elbow, over the head, hand move forward )

Rebecca: 我對 0:39 有點意見,我自己不會建議大姆指先入水,其他應該okay.

⭐ 雖然影片只說明手部動作,但是游泳大部份動力來自core(核心大肌群),自由泳的手部循環需配合身體轉動(body roll/rotation)產生綜效,否則只有手部幹活兒,是到不了哪兒的!


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