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TI_Swimming Faster Presentation 2011魚式游泳座談會

這是魚式游泳創辦人2011座談會 Solving the Speed Problem: 解決速度問題。


Part 1 – Solving the Speed Problem: Why it makes us crazy

3:48 從人類本能, 游泳訓練的傳統思想關於速度問題的解決方案是:

  • Faster Strokes划更快
  • Bigger Lungs更大的肺
  • Bigger Muscles更大的肌肉


Part 2 – Tri-Swim Speed: Like Nothing Else

Part 3 – Biology IS Destiny: Terrestrial Mammals on Land and Water

Part 4 – The Infamous/Invaluable Lessons of Alain Bernard(這部份涉及NBC版權,已被移除)

Part 5 – Why a Better Brain is the Solution

Part 6 – Speed That Goes the Distance (Add by Subtracting)

Part 7 – Speed by the Numbers: Count Stokes, Not Yards

Part 8 – No More Generic Training: Practice for YOU

Part 9 – A System for Speed


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