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Freestyle自由式, Swimming游泳

Freestyle_3 Arm Stroke Timing Patterns自由泳_三種划手時機

Timing of freestyle stroke: The three basic patterns 自由泳划手時機: 三種基本模式
1) First, the typical right-angle timing of the arms is shown. This is the most commonly-used type of timing. As one arm enters, the opposite arm is midway through the stroke. 自由式中交叉
Source: Cecil Colwin, Swimming Technique, April-June 2003
2) The second picture shows a timing in which the arms overlap in front of the swimmer ( front-quadrant swimming ). This type of timing is more commonly used by swimmers with natural buoyancy and balance, a strong leg action and a streamlined body build or position who slip through water easily. This type of timing is used more often by distance swimmers than by sprinters (s. videoclips of Ian Thorpe and Grant Hackett below). 自由式前交叉Source: Cecil Colwin, Swimming Technique, April-June 2003 前交叉
為雙臂在前方重疊的前交叉(前象限Front Quadrant Swimming)。
這類型的划手時機較普遍被使用在具有自然浮力和平衡,強大的腿部動作和流線型體位能容易滑過水的泳者,長距離泳者比短距離泳者較常使用(參考Freestyle – Grant Hackett’s and Ian Thorpe’s Swimming Technique自由式分解)。
3) In the third basic pattern, when one arm enters, the opposite arm has already passed the midway point of the pull (rotary stroke, s. sprinters shown in vedeoclips below). This timing suits swimmers who use bilateral breathing (once every three strokes) and two-beat leg action. It is most often found with sprinters, in particular those with a high turnover rate. 自由式後交叉Source: Cecil Colwin, Swimming Technique, April-June 2003 輪轉式後交叉
為雙臂輪轉的中交叉,當一隻手臂進入水,另一手已經過了划手中段點。 這類型的划手時機適合游泳使用雙邊呼吸(每三次手呼吸一次)的泳者。
這類型的划手時機最常發現用在短距離泳者,尤其是高頻率划手者,如 Alexander Popov



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4 thoughts on “Freestyle_3 Arm Stroke Timing Patterns自由泳_三種划手時機

  1. 我個人比較喜歡前交又,因為較清鬆.還有比較有節奏感較順.也具美感..哈哈


    Posted by coco | July 8, 2012, 12:35 pm
  2. 好清楚的圖解! 原來分這麼多種,以前只知道 Front Quadrant。謝謝你整理的游泳技術文章,受惠良多~

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Red | October 19, 2014, 3:21 pm

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