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Freestyle自由式, Swimming游泳

USA Swimming:Freestyle_Rotate Forward, not Side-to-Side自由泳_旋轉向前進

Rhythmic Body Roll − like a clock pendulum



看看一些在美國最好的自由泳選手,注意他們旋轉多少? 約30度。

Rebecca IMHO:
★ 旋轉角度是變動的,下圖只是在抓划之間的一個sanpshot,每個選手sanpshot時間未必相同,基本上,划手越前段拍攝的身體傾斜角度會越大,划手越近中段,身體角度會變小,不必太拘泥於24或33,30度只是個guideline,自己應該實驗試試。
Free Rotation


Source: USA Swimming: Coach Education

Additional Notes About Freestyle Rotation:
Keep your shoulders next to your cheekbone when your arm is extended all the way forward. If your shoulders rotate any further down in front of your face, your arm might be too narrow to get a good catch when you start pulling.

The hips should the same amount as the shoulders, if not less. If the hips rotate too much, it’s very difficult to maintain a steady kick. That’s the reason why a lot of swimmers’ kicks stop when they breathe…because the hips are incorrectly rotating too much to the breathing side.


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