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Thought_Having vs. Being擁有vs.存在?

If I am what I have, and I lose what I have, who then am I? – Erich Fromm

上星期天的CSI LV 第十一季第五集講了一個儲物癖(hoarder)的故事,不算好看,但結尾時Langston(Laurence Fishburn飾演)和Nick之間的對話剛好是我一直在思考的,非常有意思,記錄一下這個對話,有時可以回頭看看-想想。人類是否已經在一個要的太多的無止境的病態循環中,是不是太超過了?

人一生瞎忙活到底為了什麼? 其實部份是為了滿足明知永遠也無法滿足的物慾,似乎以為某種程度滿足物慾可以填補一些其他面向的空虛。
是什麼驅動人們忙著以有形事物填滿一個無形的無底洞 ?


CSI S11E05 House of Hoarders – Philosopher Erich Fromm on Having vs. Being
Langston(Laurence Fishburn飾演)和Nick 討論了劇中儲物癖(hoarder)這個問題,其實也揭示了人性。

The philosopher Erich Fromm, he forecast a society that was obsessed with possessions. He believed that human beings have 2 basic orientations – having and being.
Now – a person with the having orientation seeks to acquire and possess things, property, even people, while the person with the being orientation focuses on the experience, they derive meaning from the exchanging, engaging, and sharing with other people.

哲學家弗洛姆,他預測了一個著迷於“擁有“的社會,他認為人類有兩種基本傾向 – “擁有”和”存在” (having and being)。”having”傾向的人試圖獲取及擁有事物、財產甚至人;但”being”傾向的人則注重於體驗,他們從與他人的交換、參與和分享中獲得生命的意義。

Sounds like the right way to be…

Unfortunately Fromm also predicted that a culture driven by commercialism, like the one we live in today, is doomed to the having orientation, which leads to dissatisfaction and emptiness.

When you consider that in 1960 there was no such thing as public storage in America.
Today there’s over 2 billion square feet dedicated to it – makes you think he had a point…
Things don’t have to mean everything nor do they have to be devoid of meaning.
They are one of the ways in which we can experience and enjoy life.

As long as they don’t get in the way of living…


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