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Butterfly蝶式, Swimming游泳

Butterfly with Ian Crocker & Eddie Reese和伊恩克洛克一起練蝶泳

由前100米蝶泳世界紀錄保持者Ian Crocker 和他的教練Eddie Reese講解其蝶泳技術的關鍵,透過獨特的拍攝角度,觀看奧運金牌得主Ian的專業展示及2008奧運會主教練Eddie一步一步具體分析蝶泳所使用身體部分,全方位提高你的蝶泳技術。

其實我覺得Ian的蝶泳和Michael Phelps的水面上看挺類似的,只是Ian雙手入水較靠近(我覺得比肩寬還小的確有點兒太靠近),划手路線是沙漏狀,每兩划一換氣,而MP是每次出水都換氣(除了出發後第一次外),也許是因為游得好的有共通的基本技術( body position , timing, balance, etc.),看來相似,差的就會有很多不必要的勉強修補動作衍生出五花八門的泳姿吧!

Ian’s Tips for butterfly : (Source: USA Swimming)

  1. Press your chest down and keep your hips up.
  2. Remember your power from the stroke comes from hips, not the arms.
  3. Keep the recovery of your stroke relaxed.
  4. Work on your dolphin-kick in practice. It’s your stroke’s propulsion.
  5. Keep the head in line with the rest of the body. Don’t lift the head at all during a non-breathing stroke, and when taking a breath, look forward, then get the head right back in line with the body.
  6. Focus on powerful dolphin kicking, as it directly strengthens the stroke.
  7. Concentrate on the feel for the water.

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This is the same video, just in case you have problems viewing the one above. 一樣的影片,只是備用萬一上面影片有問題。

Ian Crocker Olympic Games
Gold 2000 Sydney 4×100 m medley
Gold 2004 Athens 4×100 m medley
Gold 2008 Beijing 4×100 m medley
Silver 2004 Athens 100 m butterfly
Bronze 2004 Athens 4×100 m freestyle


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