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Breaststroke蛙式, Swimming游泳

Breaststroke_Hip Driven, Shoulder Driven Drills蛙泳_臀肩驅動練習

Two nice breaststroke drills!
練習難度: 1 顆星 (Hip Driven臀驅動)
2.5 顆星 (Shoulder Driven(肩驅動)

  1. Hip Driven臀驅動 Load and Shoot Drill:
    • Loading Phase: Connect the in-sweep of the catch to the drive of the hips, also the drive of the heels.
    • Shooting Phase: Connect the snap of the feet, the pump of the hips and the extension of the hands.

    我試著比喻一下,Loading像上膛,Shooting就是射出去,把臀部當成平台,手腳收起再快速彈射出去,流線形滑行。 Ha ha,沒摸過槍,想像亂掰,希望意思沒差太遠。

  2. Shoulder Driven肩驅動 Breaststroke with Flutter Kick蛙手自由式踢腿
    主要是練習快手,如果換蛙手+海豚式踢腿則除了練快手之外,主要是練身體起伏之間何時起身吸氣,聳肩近耳(如果是練家子的話,否則吸到氣就不錯了,真的出水面時間很短)。 蛙手蝶腿是非常好的練習,有動作做的好點的合適影片再Po。

Demo動作很清楚,尤其是Coach動作超棒,很容易體會! What a coach!

Breaststroke Drills with Barry Muphy and Coach Mark Hill – Club Wolverine

Accordion Drill Same as “Load and Shoot Drill”

Breaststroke Arms with Flutter Kick蛙手自由式踢腿


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