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Freestyle自由式, Swimming游泳

Freestyle_Hip Driven Drill自由泳_臀驅動練習


Hip Driven Drill (臀驅動): 是將手,驅幹,腿的動作一致連接的練習,最適時機連接可以達到1+1>2的綜效。 如果手做手的,腳做腳的,動作不協調,反而互相影響拖累。

練習難度: 2 顆星 (做正確時,應感受到一手定錨(Anchored hand),其他手腳身體配合移動身體重心往前)

Demo動作很清楚看到連接的是 左手回復入水(Recovery) ,右手抓水(Catch) ,臀轉驅動 (hip drive),踢右腿 (down kick),vice versa。

Nice drill! Like it!

Hip Rotation in Freestyle Swimming自由泳的臀部轉動研究

Freestyle Set Up and Drive – Hip Driven Drill – Club Wolverine

Connection Exercise – Hip Driven Freestyle
這練習當Paddle & Fin 用在同側及相反側時,各是為了加強特定部位動作的連接感受。

手,驅幹,腿一致連接動作非常清楚,左手入水,右手抓水,臀轉,踢右腿 (vice versa)

Olympic Games
Gold 2000 Sydney 400 m freestyle
Gold 2000 Sydney 4 × 100 m freestyle
Gold 2000 Sydney 4 × 200 m freestyle
Gold 2004 Athens 200 m freestyle
Gold 2004 Athens 400 m freestyle
Silver 2000 Sydney 200 m freestyle
Silver 2000 Sydney 4 × 100 m medley
Silver 2004 Athens 4 × 200 m freestyle
Bronze 2004 Athens 100 m freestyle

Three Style Freestyle is used by Olympic level swimmers. Learn how to swim fast by swimming smart! The three different freestyles are Hip Driven (long aerobic), Shoulder Driven (fast sprinting), and Body Driven (end of the race).

One thing about these drills is that they are not as technical as they are about timing. Techniques are used but there is an understanding in these drills that the focus is the connection of two or more techniques. That is why it is important that you master basic swimming concepts before engaging in these drills.

Set up and Drive:
Begin kicking on the side with the bottom arm extended and the top arm at the side. Begin developing a sense of timing by counting when the heel of the bottom leg comes back. After establishing the timing select a time to pause as the heel of the bottom leg comes back. During this phase recover the arm at the side by dragging the elbow up. This is the setup. When the elbow is perpendicular to the body kick the bottom leg down and attach that down kick to the rotation of the top hip, the catch, and the DRIVE of the recovery arm.

The Focus is connecting the catch to the kick and hips. This is what creates the anchor effect and allow the swimmer to drive forward.

Again a poor concept of basic technique will make this drill very hard. Feel free to be creative and use any equipment you feel would accentuate the effectiveness of the drill.

Athlete Approved 5 years ago
For Hip Driven, you want to rotate the shoulders with the hips. For Shoulder Driven, you want to keep your hips still and rotate the shoulders only.


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