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TI_Easy Freestyle魚式游泳教學_自由泳2008


*** Warning! 光平衡就花了二十多分鐘,我跳到二十多分時還是看到一個中年人在Endless Pool滾來滾去,我想大概還在教熟悉體位平衡的動作吧!

Endless Pool在台灣不知道是否翻成游泳機?

我認為穩定平衡的流線形體位是游泳最基本且最重要的關鍵,如同蓋房子的地基一樣,有了它才可能使你的動作有效,不垮掉,才有可能使你的施力有效推進,身體較不費力地穿過水中,在Blog上也放了不少平衡相關練習。 不過我是沒有執著於哪個五花八門的游法,其實基本道理是一樣,Marketing手法不同而已,個人依體能條件及需求,選擇身體較能接受及感受的就行了,身體感受很重要。

基本就是王道,21 Top Laws of Swimming 21條游泳最高守則 是我的三民主義,每次看都有些兒小小體會,作者真棒,用最少的文字表達游泳精髓,如果誰還說運動員四肢發達,頭腦簡單,自己大概頭腦也沒精細到哪去。

由TI創辦人來Demo而不是由完美體格的選手,也許是TI Marketing的手法,暗示這教學方式較親民,不需有運動員體格,就算體能條件較一般的普羅大眾也能做到,對大叔尤其合適。

不過這稍有些boring,有點違背我的享樂哲學,如果只靠正義的大旗(要健康)來學東西,是很不易持久的, 有樂趣才能持續,才能無保留投入,如果我這樣教Tina,她應該第二堂就不想下水了! IT’S ALL ABOUT FUN !!!

2013/04/20 日前一個迷戀TI游法的先生建議我學TI方式,我說沒特別偏愛這游法。 我是覺得游泳基本道理是一樣,有這麼多好的技術與練習,只要做身體有感的,有回饋機制就能進步,是沒那個必要把自己框在哪種方式,再說不斷探索身體的可能性不但是樂趣也是成就感。 不過下場是-從一個自己偏愛游得像老頭兒的口中得到一句”不服老”! 殊不知並非人人都想游得像大叔呢!

我指的回饋機制就是練習的設計讓你身體對錯會有感,該不該修正,甚至怎麼試著修正,好的教練也是回饋機制之一,但我是自學,所以特別依賴身體感受,還好水阻力很大,身體感受比在空氣中做動作清楚許多。 學啥都一樣,沒有回饋機制,錯的做多不改也會成習慣,也許體力練好一些了,還以為技術改善,可能時間多半是像打水漂兒。

Easy Freestyle: 21st Century Techniques for Beginners to Advanced Swimmers無字幕


簡中字幕 8 Parts
Part 1/8

Part 2/8

Part 3/8

Part 4/8

Part 5/8

Part 6/8

Part 7/8

Part 8/8

Easy Freestyle: 21st Century Techniques for Beginners to Advanced Swimmers

We have released Easy Freestyle–the latest (and likely final) update to our line of freestyle improvement videos–just as swim season 2008 heats up!

Terry says:

After working on Easy Freestyle since early March, I feel it represents something truly ground-breaking in “self-help swim-im-provement.” First it teaches the unmistakable advantage of: (1) minimizing energy waste before focusing on increasing fitness or power; and (2) minimizing drag first in every aspect of the stroke – including pull, kick and breathing.

Second, it uses dramatically enhanced presentation tools for learning each step and answering every question, including: (1) Clear links of every lesson to the full stroke; (2) Side-by-side comparison of correct and incorrect techniques; (3) Graphic enhancements to clarify every critical position and movement path; and (4) A review/practice segment for each lesson. Here’s a lesson summary:

Lesson One: Cooperate with Gravity – Learn to use – not fight – gravity to: (1) Find your natural equilibrium in the water; (2) Achieve a sense of support, comfort and confidence; and (3) Break a cycle of exhausting overkicking.

Lesson Two: Take the Path of Least Resistance – Learn “fishlike” body positions and hone your alignment to minimize drag through active streamlining.

Lesson Three: Swim with your Body – Learn to: (1) Use your hand to “cut a path” through the water, lessening resistance for your torso and legs; and (2) Use rhythmic weight shifts – instead of fatigue-prone arms and legs – to propel yourself with effortless power.

Lesson Four: The “Perpetual Motion” Stroke – Learn to use your “powerhouse” (core-body rotation) to drive your pull and kick. Maximal speed with minimal fatigue equals the “Perpetual Motion” Stroke.

Lesson Five: Channel your Energy – Integrate a compact, relaxed recovery with core-powered movement to minimize unnecessary muscle activation, increase ease of movement, and channel energy where it does the most good.

Lesson Six: Seamless Breathing – Learn breathing skills that not only get your muscles the oxygen they need, but also make your stroke more powerful and effective.

Lesson Seven: Turns that save Energy and Time – Learn the secrets of a fast, easy turn. Three versions of the “touch” or “open” turn that provide more air and yet can be fast enough for racing and two versions of the flip turn. All illustrated as comprehensively as every other skill.

Lesson Eight: Swim Faster Efficiently – Swim fast the smart way instead of the hard way. Learn to increase stroke tempo in a controlled and incremental way without sacrificing the efficiency you’ve patiently developed, with the aid of a Speed Trainer.


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