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Freestyle自由式, Swimming游泳

USA Swimming:Body Rotation in Freestyle自由泳身體轉動

本文取自 USA Swimming 的高效能顧問 Russell Mark 提供的身體旋轉自由泳技術建議。

Rhythmic Body Roll − like a clock pendulum

Rhythmic Body Roll − like a clock pendulum


  1. 更長的划距: 身體轉動讓你手臂向前伸展遠一些,因此,您可以在每次划臂較長的時間掌握水。
  2. 更強有力的划手動作:因為身體轉動可以使泳者除了使用原本手臂的肌肉外,加上臀部和核心肌群。


  1. 如果你轉很大,它仍然很可能做到好的高肘抓水。然而,轉很大,你就必須越注意何時開始抓水。如果你轉太大才開始抓水,你的肩膀就會在下方,你很可能會直臂抓水或掉肘。 如果當你旋轉30至40度,開始抓水,你的肩膀是比較側面,你會在一個較好的位置做好高肘抓水。
  2. 你轉動越大,你手臂就移動越慢,您必須能夠在轉動角度和划手頻率(你多快可以移動你的手臂)之間找到一個平衡點


Source: USA Swimming: Speedo Tip of the Week

Rotation is an extremely important part of fast freestyle swimming. The best freestylers in the world rotate, and it is beneficial for two main reasons:

  • Longer stroke / greater distance per cycle: Rotation allows you to extend your arm further in front of you and therefore enables you to hold onto water for a longer amount of time during each arm stroke.
  • More powerful stroke: A freestyle stroke with rotation can be much more powerful because rotation allows a swimmer to use their hips and core muscles – in addition to their arm muscles – during the arm stroke.

However, there are also two big reasons why you should be mindful about how much you rotate and work with your coach to get the proper amount of rotation in your stroke.

  1. If you rotate a lot, it’s still very possible to get a great high elbow catch underwater. However, the more you rotate, the more you’ll have to pay attention to when you start the underwater catch. If you start your catch while you are rotated too much, your shoulder will be down and you will very likely catch the water with a straight arm or dropped elbow. If you start your catch when you’re rotated about 30 to 40 degrees, your shoulder will be more to the side of your body, and you’ll be in a much better position to get a great catch with a high elbow.
  2. The more you rotate, the slower you’ll be able to move your arms. You must be able to find a balance between rotation and your stroke rate (how fast you can move your arms).

Rotation is a crucial ingredient of fast freestyle, and the amount you rotate will affect how you should swim in order to have the fastest freestyle possible.

Source: USA Swimming: Speedo Tip of the Week


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