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Freestyle_Flip Turn Michael Phelps菲爾普斯自由泳轉身

Michael Phelps’s coach Bob Bowman gives several key points to a good flip turn.

1. Approach to the wall: You should not take a breath within 2-3 strokes to the wall, you need to come in to the wall at maximum speed.
2. Squeeze your body to the tightest ball possible
3. Plant your feet on the wall slightly apart, hit the wall with your feet up.
4. Push off on your back, twist onto your stomach after.
5. Push off deep under the turbulence you’ve just created
6. Ridged body position, do underwater kicking
7. Breakout: don’t lift your head, keep your head in line and move straight to breakout
8. Breathe on the second stroke, never on the first

這是重Po的Post,因之前這影片被移除,就將Post關了。 目前將它以私人權限放在Youtube,牽涉版權無法公開放。 Sorry!
不過,Bob 講的Key points都已打在上面了。
中文步驟可以參考Freestyle Flip Turn in 3 Steps 自由式轉身三步驟(適合中級泳者)
或看此篇完整影片Michael Phelps Personal Best-Freestyle菲爾普斯個人最佳自由泳

5/9 偷偷打開權限,希望別被Youtube砍掉

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If it’s too difficult for you to push off the wall on your back and then twist onto your stomach, you can try this one. Plant your feet sideways, so you push off the wall more on your side (not on your back), now it’s easier to twist onto your stomach. As your feet hit the wall your arms should extend over your head in a streamline position.



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