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Backstroke仰式, Swimming游泳

Eddie Reese:Backstroke Basic Drills仰泳_基本練習

由前美國奧運游泳隊主教練Eddie Reese講解其訓練仰泳技術常用的基本練習,通過這些,可以幫助各級別的泳者。


  1. Double Arm:
    Please refer to :
    Auburn:Backstroke_Double Arm仰泳_雙仰入水點練習

  2. Single Arm:
    Please refer to :

  3. Four Count – An overemphasis of “No feel for the water” 這是讓身體體會錯誤姿勢的練習。
    • Arm Straight to 90 degrees
    • Palm turns out
    • Hand enters straight to side
    • Pull through to finish
  4. Spin Drill: 如果你肩臂靈活度/強度不夠,or 游仰泳志不在速度,拜託,別練這個 !!
    Balance & Rotation是仰泳重點,但這練習無關這兩重點,只練習一件事 – 手轉動速度

    Warning!!! 為你及他人安全著想,確定沒人在後面才練,練習最多20m就停,以免手打牆受傷。

  5. Dolphin on your back:
    Please refer to :
    Butterfly_Dolphin Kick on Your Back蝶泳_仰海豚踢練習

Dolphin on your back


Eddie_Reese是美國大學教練(1973–1978 Auburn,1979–present Texas)和奧運游泳主教練(2004,2008),助理教練(1992,1996年,2000,2012)。

Source: wikipedia


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