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Butterfly蝶式, Swimming游泳

USA Swimming:Butterfly_Breathing Patterns蝶泳_換氣模式

本文取自 USA Swimming 的高效能顧問 Russell Mark 1/22/2013 “Breathing Patterns”的文章
如果你是玩真的競賽選手或教練,也許可以參考一下世界級蝶泳選手的換氣模式。 女生好像換氣次數較少,大部分2(2划1吸)。

It’s easy to get fixated on breathing patterns in fly, but with certainty the most important part of breathing in fly is the technique.

  1. Breathe forward, not up. Keep your head low to the water during the breath.

    向前換氣,不是向上: 換氣過程中,保持頭低。

  2. Don’t lift your head up. The arm pull alone will lift your body enough so you can take the breath without picking your head up.
    不要把頭抬高: 單單划手就應足夠舉起你的身體而換氣,並不需把頭抬高。

  3. Breathe in the middle of the arm pull. Don’t lift your head up as soon as you start the pull. Be patient and you’ll catch the breath just fine.
    在划手中間的換氣: 開始划手不要把頭抬高,要有耐心,你會趕上呼吸的。

Whether you breathe every stroke or maintain a breathing pattern, working on the technique is a highest priority.
With that said, breathing patterns are one of the most frequent things I get asked about. Looking at each of the finals at the 2012 Olympics, here is what I observe:
無論你呼吸每划一吸或維持一個呼吸模式,在技術上努力是一個最優先考慮重點。 呼吸模式是最常被問的,看2012奧運決賽,這裡是我觀察到的:

  • Men are breathing more frequently than women
  • Men’s 100 fly: Half of the Olympic final are breathing every stroke. The other half hold some degree of 1-up 1-down or 2-up 1-down pattern.
  • Women’s 100 fly: 1-up 1-down for the most part.
  • Men’s 200 fly: Breathing every stroke for the most part.
  • Women’s 200 fly: Every Olympic finalist breathed 1-up 1-down or some degree of 2-up 1-down for the entire race.
  • Most people breathe on the 3rd stroke off the start in the 100 fly.
  • Breathing into and out of turns is becoming more common, maybe because of the use of extended underwater dolphin kicks.
  • Most swimmers don’t breathe into the finish.

Source: USA Swimming: High Performance Tips


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