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Butterfly蝶式, Swimming游泳

USA Swimming:Butterfly_Technique and Race Trends蝶泳_技術及競賽趨勢

本文取自 USA Swimming 的高效能顧問 Russell Mark 05/28/2013 “Butterfly Technique and Race Trends”
Presentation Video看影片 Slides 很好的蝶泳技術講解影片, 受教了!

 ButterflyThis free web presentation gives an easily understood and detailed analysis of how butterfly is swum properly and effectively. Using video and pictures for demonstration, the foundation for the best stroke for most swimmers is established.
這個免費的 Web展示影片 對 “如何正確有效地游蝶泳” 給了一個容易理解和詳細的分析。 使用影片和圖片展示,對大多數的游泳選手建立最好的蝶泳基礎。

Technique should certainly be catered to the individual, and many variations exist that experience success, but the thoughts in this presentation were formulated based on what is most common among the best swimmers in the world.

There are three priorities for the butterfly stroke:

  1. The Catch 抓水
  2. Pressing Forward 前壓
  3. The Kicks 踢腿

All other aspects of the stroke should be shaped around those priorities. Please check out the web presentation to learn more about this technique perspective and how the best swimmers are racing butterfly.
所有蝶泳其他方面應圍繞這些重點來發展成形。 請看看 Presentation Video展示影片,以了解更多關於這項技術觀點及蝶泳競賽中最好的游泳選手如何做。

Source: USA Swimming: High Performance Tips

Rebecca IMHO:
★ 我想”蝶泳三項最優先重點”的意思不是其他技術比較不重要,而是有些技術(在某種程度上)是會互斥,就算練其他技術也同時該考慮不要compromise所列三項最優先重點,因為是很可能這一技術得到的比不上失掉的,例如:你的手如何入水都不應毀了你的catch。

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