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Butterfly蝶式, Swimming游泳

USA Swimming:Butterfly_Hip Delay Drill蝶泳_臀部延遲練習

Hip Delay Drill 是用來改善蝶泳的臀部和吸氣時機(hip timing & breathing timing),以及手臂往前回復(Recovery)的技術。
Work on Body position in the water, Chest Press, and Good motion throughout the stroke cycle.

練習難度: 2 顆星
This drill is not as easy as you might think!

How to do ?

  1. 雙手在前,頭,頸,身成一直線,俯臥蹬牆出發,依個人習慣做2-3次雙手在前海豚踢(hand-lead body dolphins)。
  2. 海豚踢後(hand-lead body dolphins),雙手在水下開始划蝶手推水起身低位吸氣(下巴近水面)。
  3. 吸氣後,雙手已在身側,接著做2次海豚踢(head-lead body dolphins)。
  4. 第2次海豚踢後(head-lead),雙手出水,儘可能放鬆近水面,由後甩向前做往前回復(Recovery),手即將入水前,做1次海豚踢,同時雙手在肩前(or肩外一點點)輕柔入水。
  5. 重複2-4動作。
Rebecca IMHO:
★ 基本上,這練習是將蝶泳動作分解以較緩慢速度執行,以求確實掌握分開的個別動作,並且在往前回復(Recovery)之前多加一次海豚踢。

Hip Delay是很好的練習,一旦你掌握了這個,就幾乎學會了游像樣蝶泳所需的技術(只剩去掉多插入的海豚踢)。
如果你是TI蝶泳的學習者,在熟練 Stoneskipper Drill 之後,就可以練 Hip Delay。

Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics coach Scott Shea and Adam Hinshaw demonstrate hip delay drill

Video: USA Swimming

Quick notes:

  • Work the hands up with the hips out into a stretch point
  • Get a breath at the beginning of the stroke
  • Press down with the hips more than the kicks
  • Get the hands over without using the momentum back in the stretch
  • Get the breath before he finishes the stroke at the bottom
  • Work on body position int the water, chest press in the fly, good motion throughout the stroke cycle
  • The drill breaks down the stroke into segments, teach you the best to get your arms over.
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