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Freestyle_5 Reasons to learn EVF自由泳_5個理由學EVF

This animation is made for testing PowToon.

I do not have anything in mind to make a video, so I just grab a few points from the swimming techniques and put them together!

PowToon is free and very easy to use, but it DOESN’T support various kinds of Chinese fonts. There’s only one and the ugliest one available, as you may observe from the animation I made below.

In general, it’s a handy tool if you would only use English fonts in your videos.
You could play around with it for non-business purpose.

I would NOT recommend it if you need to use Chinese fonts in the animation video.

There are some limitations for free users –

  • Create unlimited Videos on PowToon(Up to to 5 minutes long)
  • Cannot export videos to your computer, but you can embed your PowToon videos
  • Export to YouTube (Up to 30 per month)

If you want to give it a try, go to



要快速上手,可參考 Tutorial_PowToon Tutorial線上影片DIY教學

1st Animation using PowToon – 5 Reasons to learn EVF

Honestly, I think there’re more than five reasons.

EVF(Early Vertical Forearm 早垂直抓水前臂)興起後,就跟海豚踢一樣成為游泳的關鍵技術之一,不單單是自由泳,還有蝶蛙泳。


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One thought on “Freestyle_5 Reasons to learn EVF自由泳_5個理由學EVF

  1. A fun tool.
    I’m gonna try it and make some videos.


    Posted by Floyd | October 16, 2013, 6:15 pm

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