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My Own, Tutorial

Tutorials:SW_Inkscape Introduction向量繪圖軟體介紹

This is my first tutorial video of Inkscape.

Inkscape is a vector graphics editor application.
It’s Powerful and Easy to use. Better yet, it’s FREE !

這兩天試到一個功能超多又免費的向量圖形編輯軟體 Inkscape,影片介紹幾個我剛試過的常用功能,有興趣可以Download Inkscape玩玩。

Inkscape Introduction

It felt so weird to talk to myself when I was recording this video.

Even weirder to hear it on Youtube, it just doesn’t sound like my voice.


About Rebecca

A pretty lazy human being ! Lazy to do any boring stuff. Laziness can be a good thing. I use less energy than others and so contribute less carbon dioxide emission.


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