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USA Swimming:Freestyle_5 Arm Stroke Tips自由泳_划手5點提示

本文取自 USA Swimming 的高效能顧問 Russell Mark 11/4/2013 “5 Tips to the Best Freestyle Arm Stroke”

★ 游泳技術不但見仁見智,而且有些技術會互相影響(可能互相加強或互斥),我認為技術組成的輕重取捨端視個人體型體能背景條件,以及主要目的(如競賽、長中短距、休閒、健身、塑身等等)。

Cheers! Happy swimming! Happy learning!

From countless hours of film study and analysis, here are five points that should be considered to improve your freestyle.
To learn more about these points, including video demonstrations, check out this online freestyle clinic.
要了解更多關於這幾點細節,請看 講解影片 Slides

  1. The hand enters at shoulder width, and the pull traces the side of the body. The elbow bend of the catch is determined by the width of the entry/stroke.

  2. The body rotates only 30-40 degrees to each side. More on the stomach than on the side. Rotate the shoulder forward, not all the way from side to side. This will help you get the optimal entry/stroke width.

    ★ 我想身體轉動幅度與前面提及的目的相關,一般來說,越短距的競賽轉動角度會相對較小,划次(stroke count)較多,划距(distance per stroke)較小。

  3. The hand finishes at the hip not the thigh. Lead the finish with your elbow. Keeps forearm and palm pushing water back. It’s ok to release water early. Snapping the hand out the back is easy to do, but can lead to over-rotating and compromise the catch. Most importantly it can also put the shoulder at injury risk.

  4. The arm should swing out to the side on the recovery. That’s how you get the traditional high-elbow recovery while also protecting the shoulder from injury. A narrow recovery where the hand is close to the body can lead to injury over time.

  5. Be aggressive on the hand entries. Drive your hand/arm/shoulder forward (and downward if a sprinter). Use the pulling arm that is in the water to push the entering arm forward.
    手入水要積極,驅動你的手/臂/肩膀向前(如果是個短距選手就向下),使用在水中划的手臂推要入水的手臂向前進(這句直翻挺彆扭,我想是水中划的手定錨&掌握水(anchor & hold the water),加上身體轉動,有助重心前移及手臂高肘向前入水吧! 不過只是個人的解讀!)

Source: USA Swimming: High Performance Tips


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