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My Own, Tutorial

Tutorial_PowToon Tutorial線上影片DIY教學


哈哈! 對自己blah blah blah自說自話這麼久,不笑場真不容易ㄝ! 看著英文腦子要找適切的中文表達,加上講太久有時會突然放空,還是吃了不少螺絲!



  • Freestyle_5 Reasons to learn EVF自由泳_5個理由學EVF
  • Understanding Resistance in Swimming認識游泳的水阻

  • PowToon Introduction & Tutorial線上影片DIY介紹及教學
    0:00 PowToon基本介紹 (有帳號可直接skip到5:00)
    5:00 DIY工具介紹

    There are some limitations for free users –

    • Create unlimited Videos on PowToon(Up to to 5 minutes long)
    • Cannot export videos to your computer, but you can embed your PowToon videos
    • Export to YouTube (Up to 30 per month)

    If you want to give it a try, go to


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