Learning English with Songs唱歌學英文

I’m a firm believer that – Having Fun Is the Key To Learning and Staying Motivated.
我深信 – 有樂趣是學習和保持積極的關鍵

Learning a language can never be effortless but we could somehow make it painless or less painful.

Start with listening to songs and then try to understand what you have just heard.

  1. Listen to your favorite songs聽你最愛的歌
  2. Read the lyrics讀歌詞
  3. Understand the vocabularies, phrases and the meaning of the songs理解字彙,片語和歌的意思
  4. Sing along!跟著一起唱!



別忘了- 生命是用來享受的,不是忍受! 學習就是生活,當然也是用來享受的!

Female Singers & Duets Male Singers


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