My Own Productions

This is just a repository for the stuff I made for fun and learning.

  1. Tutorials:SW_VideoPad Demo免費多媒體編輯軟體介紹 (1/10/2017)
  2. Tutorials:SW_Screentogif Demo製作動畫gif軟體介紹 (1/9/2017)
  3. Swimming Science:Depth & Resistance水中深度對水阻的影響 (12/20/2016)
  4. Tutorials:Win10_關閉更新共用及聯絡人wifi分享 (7/31/2016)
  5. USA Swimming:Breaststroke Technique Quick Tips蛙泳技術快速提示 (4/26/2015)
  6. USA Swimming:Freestyle_Knee Bend In Your Kick自由泳_踢腿曲膝動作 (11/28/2014)
  7. Tutorial_PowToon Tutorial線上影片DIY教學 (12/5/2013)
  8. Tutorials:SW_Inkscape Introduction向量繪圖軟體介紹 (11/16/2013)
  9. Understanding Resistance in Swimming認識游泳的水阻 (10/25/2013)
  10. Freestyle_5 Reasons to learn EVF自由泳_5個理由學EVF (10/14/2013)

Videoscribe Test

  1. My murmurs_Make The Rest of Your Life The Best of Your Life越活越好

PowToon Test

  1. Understanding Resistance in Swimming認識游泳的水阻
  2. Freestyle_5 Reasons to learn EVF自由泳_5個理由學EVF

Inkscape is a Powerful and Free graphics editor SW.
I hope I have the time to make some more tutorials.

  1. Tutorials:SW_Inkscape Introduction向量繪圖軟體介紹


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