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TheRaceClub:Swimming Tips_Underwater Pull划手技術分析

這是The Race Club的自由泳划手技術分析(共5部份)。 自現代競技游泳問世以來,手部和前臂如何被用來推動身體通過水一直受到很大的討論和爭議,影片中 Gary Hall Sr. 分析划手週期的4階段作用。 Advertisements

Auburn:Freestyle_Three Quarters Catch Up Drill自由泳_前交叉練習

這是前Auburn奧本大學主教練David Marsh常用的自由泳練習,著重在良好體位(body position)及身體轉動(rotation)產生力量移動身體向前。 BTW,也是我喜歡做的練習,尤其是沒力想打混的日子。

Freestyle_3 Arm Stroke Timing Patterns自由泳_三種划手時機

Timing of freestyle stroke: The three basic patterns 自由泳划手時機: 三種基本模式 1) First, the typical right-angle timing of the arms is shown. This is the most commonly-used type of timing. As one arm enters, the opposite arm is midway through the stroke. Source: Cecil Colwin, Swimming Technique, April-June 2003 中交叉 首先是最常用的典型中交叉,當一手入水,另一手在划手中段,雙臂呈直角。 2) The second picture shows … Continue reading

Freestyle_Front Crawl Demo自由泳_水中及陸上展示

0:55 Dryland Demo – front 陸上展示-前方 1:13 Dryland Demo – above 陸上展示-上方

Freestyle_Front Quadrant High Elbow Catch自由泳_前交叉高肘

Freestyle – Front Quadrant High Elbow Catch 有空再打中文 其他FQS (Front Quadrant Swimming) posts: Freestyle: front quadrant swimming 自由式前交叉 Freestyle: 3 arm stroke timing patterns自由泳:三種划手時機 Freestyle – Front Crawl Demo 自由式 – 水中及陸上展示

Freestyle_Front Quadrant Swimming自由泳_前交叉

Front quadrant swimming means that the stroking hand is still in front when the recovering arm is about to enter the water. Staying on your side and keeping an arm outstretched in front of the body at all, or most, times during the stroke allows to keep the body in a long and streamlined position. … Continue reading




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